Questions about joining Sutunam?
Working time, does it flexible at Sutunam?
Official working time at Sutunam office is from 9AM to 7PM with 2 hours for lunch break. However, it could be flexible, collaborator can start working ealier from 8AM or later from 9:30PM and leave the office at 6PM or 7:30PM. The latest check-in is 9:30AM.
Should I bring my own laptop?
No, you don't need to bring your laptop to office. Work station in Sutunam is equiped by a laptop and an additional computer screen.
What differs Sutu-Benefit to other companies?
Many opportunities to improve yourself (in both knowledge and soft skills) by working in a Western management style, friendly, dynamic, open-minded, and sharing environment with many exciting projects from all over the world; We offer day a month to work on side projects and try out new technologies with and monthly IT certification allowance; Beside, SutuCollaborator have many chances to play hard: monthly events, birthdays, summer trip, Sport events and more!
How many people in each developement team?
There are 4-5 developers in each team, including front-end and back-end developers.
Which solutions is Sutunam using ?
Open Source is Sutunam's philosophy. We are using PHP and JavaScripts, Node.js as development languages, Magento, Symfony, and Sylius as frameworks for eCommerce projects.
Does Sutunam have a work management tools?
Yes, we have an internal project management system (PMS) developed by Production team. This is the main working station of Sutuers.
How will the team communicate?
We communicate mainly email, Mattermost (similar to Slack) and direct talk ;)
After submitting application, how the things will be processed?
We aim to respond to all candidates within a couple of working days. At that time, we will let you know if your profile matches the opening requirement or if your application isn’t a fit for what we’re looking for at the time. The whole process takes on average only a week from receiving your application to informing you of our final decision.
Do I need to do a test when applying to Sutunam? And is the test difficult?
Yes, our hiring process includes a multiple-choice test which takes only 30-45 minutes to complete and a friendly talk with our Production team's representative.
Will I receive interview feedback even if I am turned down?
Every interview in Sutunam is considered as an opportunity for both you and Sutunam to get to know each other. And we understand that active feedback is really important for your career path. However, it also depends on the number of applicants for each opening that we are able to send you personalized feedback.
What should I bring to the interview?
Your smile and your will to share. ;)
I don't have much experience, should I join the team?
We welcome all profiles, from undergraduate to senior one. Check out our openings on Career Path page, or follow our channels to have more glance at SutuTeam. @Sutunam LinkedIn @Sutunam Vietnam @SutuWold or join our community @Symfony @Vue Storefront on Facebook.
Can I have paid internship?
We have both non-paid and paid internships, please visit Students & Grads page for more detailed information and fill Contact us form on our website to share your interest.
Can I join real project during my internship?
Yes, as joining Sutunam, you are a real member of the team and you can join our real projects, this could be an internal project that supports Sutunam's working process or a client project which is one of our e-commerce project for Worldwide market.
I'm not really confident with my English skills, should I join the team now or will I wait while taking a course first?
Language is a habit. By joining SutuTeam, your English skill is be improved much better as we are using English not only at work but also chitchatting over coffee with foreign collaborators.
I'm foreigner and would like to join Sutunam, will company support me to do the visa and work permit?
Yes, Sutunam will support foreign collaborators to get business visas to come to work in Hanoi office. When you become an official employee, you will be entitled to have a working permit and residence card for your collaboration time with Sutunam.
How is the working environment in Sutunam?
Very friendly, open working environment and a nice office in Hanoi's heart with great view to Xa Dan lake.
Why do you have a long lunch break?
For playing games or having a coffee with colleagues. We know that friendship, interaction, and communication are very important with our collaborator and life balance is essential for maintaining and improving working performance. Sutunam have many groups is waiting for you to join such as Sunday Cycling, Travelling group, Runner group, Football group, and Friday group :)